19 April 2024

Tributes to much-loved landlady

by Rebecca Hannant

Friends and family have paid tribute to a retired pub owner who was “like a mum to the community”.

Marlene Wicks, formerly of West Yorkshire, and her husband Dennis acquired the Burns Head in Patrington Haven in 1989 and built a legacy of fundraising, supporting charities across Hull and the East Riding as well as overseas.

The couple held regular events in the pub including bingo nights, music nights and fundraising drives, and became community champions for charities such as Hull Animal Welfare, Guide Dogs and premature babies.

Marlene’s best friend, Mandy King, of Patrington, said: “Friday night was music night – it was very busy. Marlene would book all her own artists. She booked people she liked. She used to organise bingo and darts teams. Marlene was always organising the next fundraising event.

“All the locals treated her like a mum. Kids grew up knowing her. They had been there that long. She saw all the local families grow up.”

Husband Dennis said: “She was a very happy person, but she was the sort of person who called a spade a spade.”

The couple also extended their fundraising efforts to India, where they went on holiday every year.

Dennis added: “She used to love to go to India. We used to go there for 25 years, and she sponsored children to go to school. She also used to go out with suitcases and colouring books for the children.”

In 2018, Marlene and her husband retired to Patrington Haven Leisure Park to be closer to their family and friends and those who attended the pub.

Mandy added: “When they retired, they came on to Patrington Haven Caravan Park and we joined Knit and Natter – we did more nattering than knitting.

“Dennis learnt to watch TV through the clicking of needles. She was an enthusiastic knitter. We used to knit hats, blankets and bonding squares for premature babies.”

Friends and family will be hosting an evening dedicated to celebrating Marlene’s life on March 9 at the Country Club, Patrington Haven, from 5pm to 7pm.