16 April 2024

Tribfest bids to reduce environmental impact

Tribfest is placing an increased focus on its environmental impact this year, its organisers have said.

The leading tribute bands festival, now in its 16th year, will open its gates on Thursday, August 17, for all early entry ticket holders and the following Friday for weekend ticket holders in the grounds of Sledmere.

Ed Faulkner, festival director, said: “It should be our 17th but we of course missed one due to the pandemic, and we were lucky it was only one. With each festival we try to improve and now we are in a position where we can look at the impact the festival has not only during the weekend but the lasting impact too.”

Tribfest brings in a huge amount of revenue to the local area over the weekend and attracts return visitors not only to Sledmere House but to the area in general.

Ed added: “We know that we do a lot for the area, but we always want to do more, so this year we’ve really focused on our environmental policies.”

The festival has reduced the amount of fuel consumed by halving the number of electric hook-up pitches and encouraging all caravan/campervan customers to use green energy options.

Litter bonds are used by lots of festivals to encourage people to be aware of their surroundings.

Ed said: “The grounds of Sledmere are so beautiful and home to an incredible array of wildlife including their famous deer, pheasants, and many more and we would hate to have a negative impact in any way on them.

“The litter bond encourages everyone to clear up their campsite on departure of the festival and when they take a bin liner of rubbish to the point, they will receive their £5 refund.

“It’s a great scheme that many festivals do and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive change it can bring to our festival site.”

Tribfest is continuing to use reusable souvenir cups, which significantly reduces single-use plastic, and they can be used at the many free drinking water points around the site.

Charity is important to the festival, with its annual donation of tickets to Tickets for Troops, and it is also partnering with the Mind homeless hub in Bridlington. Festivalgoers are asked to donate camping equipment that they no longer need to help people in the community.