22 May 2024

Town councillor leaves to focus on voluntary work

By Ian Judson

Hornsea town councillor June Greensmith has stepped down so she can concentrate more on her varied voluntary roles instead.

Ms Greensmith volunteers around the town with Hornsea Urban Gardeners (HUG), Home Grown Hornsea, the first-aid centre outside Tesco, and Hornsea Lions.

In a personal statement shared on her social media platforms and with the Gazette, she said she wanted to “Spend more time volunteering, sailing and enjoying the beach hut next year.”

Having been elected to the town council in 2019, she now leaves 13 other town councillors in whom she has full confidence to continue working for the best of the town.

She added: “HUG is now a team of 19 volunteers working across 21 sites. It’s no longer a little group – it takes a lot of organising.”

She also states that she has not been able to give enough time to her allotment and community orchard work. “I had a wish-list of things I wanted to see implemented and/or developed. I finally fulfilled that list when the last item was agreed with HTC this year.

“I have enjoyed my time as a councillor and looking back it’s been quite a journey over a rather short period of time.

“But I am pleased to have been able to influence quite a decent list of projects during my time in office, both internally and externally.”

She concluded: “I hope you will all understand and will all support me in my decision.”

Having run for election to East Riding Council in the local elections earlier this year, it remains to be seen if she will try again next time.