20 June 2024

‘This project will bring people together’

by Rebecca Hannant

A community project in Hornsea has received help from KCOM and the HEY Smile Foundation.

On Friday, December 1, eight KCOM employees dedicated their time to helping the Pollinate Eco Garden in Hornsea as part of an initiative by the HEY Smile Foundation.

The garden, which was set up at St Nicholas Church by Helen Ball, aims to bring people together through gardening and community projects.

The aim is to build a community garden from scratch using recycled materials donated by local people and businesses.

Helen said: “We are trying to create areas so there are things for everybody, and people can come and interact with it and get involved with different gardening experiences. It is a chance for people to come together.”

The KCOM employees were tasked with starting work on the installation of an ornamental garden that will be used as a community reflection area. It features 200 paving slabs donated by a Hornsea resident.

To finish the garden, the group will look to seek funding to install benches.

Previously, the garden at the church was classed as an underused space, but volunteers have given it a new lease of life by creating a herb patch, a bug hotel and a greenhouse.

The work has been made possible by the help of local businesses, tradespeople and residents such as Martin Ayrie who built the herb wheel using donated pebbles from a Hornsea resident. Woods of Hornsea also donated sand and cement.

The project has also received materials from Hornsea Garden Centres to create the planters.

Trees have also been donated and planted via the Conservation Volunteers, and the Woodland Trust.

The group meets on Friday afternoons to socialise, reflect and monitor the garden. They are seeking to move the project on to the
next stage and are calling on the help of local skilled tradespeople and gardening hobbyists.

To get involved, visit the Pollinate Eco Garden Hornsea Facebook page.