21 June 2024

‘Someone will know who these abusers are’

By Rebecca Hannant

An animal rescue charity is appealing for information after a litter of six puppies were found neglected and malnourished.

On December 27, the puppies were taken to Ren’s Rescue in Keyingham after they were found malnourished with minor scratches all over their bodies.

The puppies were initially believed to be six to seven weeks old because of their size, but after dental inspections they were confirmed to be between 16 and 20 weeks old.

Despite the vets’ best efforts, two of the puppies died.

The vet believed they had been kept in a small crate, unable to move, which could explain their lack of muscular development.

The scratches all over their bodies were thought to have been caused by their small environment when they were forced to climb over each other, with claws that had never been trimmed or worn down. The puppies were also confirmed to have severe rickets due to poor diet and lack of sunlight.

A spokeswoman for Ren’s Rescue said: “It is truly shocking to think how long these puppies were kept in such appalling conditions without sufficient food, water and exercise, let alone love and care, and a true nightmare to think what is happening with their mother.”

The rescue charity was determined to help the puppies as well as it could. However, the RSPCA attended and took the puppies into its care with the hope that they would respond well to 24/7 veterinary attention.

“The RSPCA will also be able to take blood samples and gather evidence to prosecute their owner and trace the puppies’ mother.

The spokeswoman added: “We had very mixed feelings about letting them go but we were assured that on balance the RSPCA would be able to offer them better care than us. I so hope this is true. We have been promised updates on both their health and development and on the progress of any prosecution.”

Donations were given to Ren’s Rescue towards the puppies’ treatment, so the charity has asked those who would like their donation returned to get in touch.

The spokeswoman said: “However, if you are OK with us keeping it, all the money will be paid into our vet’s account to help cover future vet bills, as well as the food, toys and puppy pads used within the rescue to help other animals.

“We took in six severely neglected puppies, two of whom didn’t make it. The remaining four are now in the care of the RSPCA which is opening an investigation.

“We need your help to find the mother of these puppies. She will need our help both now and to prevent her from being abused in the future.

“The chances are that the mother won’t have been seen much outside the house where she was kept, so it will be hard to find her and the people who have caused this abuse.

“But someone will know who they are. Someone will know that their friend or neighbour is breeding puppies and not looking after them and we need that someone to report them.”

The puppies are believed to be from the east Hull area. Anyone who has any information is urged to contact the RSPCA on its helpline, 0300 1234 999, quoting incident number 1008043. Alternatively, those who feel reluctant to talk directly to the RSPCA can contact the rescue on 07477 461481.