16 April 2024

Sent to Coventry

I went to my first Hull City away match since August 2021 last Saturday.

Having decided I was sorely missing the terrace experience (I’m in the press box at home matches), I just bought a ticket on a whim and went on my own little adventure, driving to Coventry and back on my own.

On the way there I somehow managed to avoid every single one of the 2,500-plus Tigers fans all the way down the M1 and right up to the turnstiles. I don’t deliberately aim to be obtuse, honestly… it just turns out that way sometimes.

I ended up parking in one of the designated pre-paid car parks a bit north of the stadium and made my way to the ground via a Google Maps shortcut across some scrubland.

At no point did I see a single soul, and it was all a bit eerily desolate, but I have to admit to being more worried about having to navigate the muddy puddles – in my hitherto pristine amber suede Adidas trainers – than I was about my own personal safety.

There were points at which I wondered whether I’d got the right day, and the right stadium, until the Coventry Building Society Arena at last hove into view, to my not inconsiderable relief. I finally entered the ground, headed for the toilets and wiped as much filth as I could from my trainers before grabbing a much-needed beer.

It was what they call a “ground tick” for me – I recently worked out that I’ve been to 57 stadiums in the few decades I’ve been following City… but then followed the sobering realisation that only 38 of them are in the current 92 league clubs because I am old, and many of them have now long gone, either into the non-league wilderness or out of existence entirely.

Still, it was a fun day out, even though we didn’t return home with the three points. But next time I think a trip with the Gazette’s Zoe is in order… and I reckon we’ll take advantage of the free Tiger Travel buses!