23 July 2024

School bids to drive up energy efficiency

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has said he is working with government ministers to support Bilton Primary School with upgrading its ageing fluorescent light bulbs.

On a recent visit, where Mr Stuart also had the opportunity to speak to the students on the School Council and the Young Influencers group, he heard about head teacher Sara Atkinson’s aspiration to upgrade the school’s strip lights as part of a drive to bring down bills and improve the school’s energy efficiency.

In response, he contacted energy efficiency minister Lord Callanan to find out what funds could be available to the school. Lord Callanan has highlighted that new funding for energy efficiency measures should be available to schools in the coming financial year.

Mr Stuart has written to Bilton and all other schools in Beverley and Holderness to make them aware of these forthcoming grants and how to apply for them.

In a question-and-answer session with both the School Council and Young Influencers, Mr Stuart heard a clear desire to improve the environment locally, nationally and worldwide.

He saw the school’s grounds and classrooms and was impressed by the lengths Ms Atkinson is going to make the school a thriving community with a real family atmosphere.

Mr Stuart said: “Sara Atkinson is a formidable head of Bilton Primary School, and it’s clear that she’ll stop at nothing to make the school the best it can be. And it’s working.

“The children I met were bright, engaging and unafraid to question me about any number of topics – from environmental issues to my work locally to how the House of Commons works.

“I’m pleased to have been able to provide an answer to the school on potential future grants, and I hope Bilton and other schools across Beverley and Holderness will apply for as many grants as possible.

“The money is there to be spent, and I would be delighted to see it reducing costs at our schools.”

Ms Atkinson said: “It was great to welcome Graham to our primary school, and I hope he was as impressed with our young learners as I am.

“I’m grateful for his information about grants to make the school more energy efficient and look forward to applying for our share of any future money available so we can invest more of our resources into educating our children.”