20 June 2024

Resort’s landmarks feature in new children’s book

by Rebecca Hannant

A Hull author has written a new children’s book about Withernsea.

A Withernsea Holiday, the latest release by Eliza Berison, the daughter of Deacon Diane Berry of St Matthew’s Church, tells the story of a family coming to the resort for a holiday, and features many of the local landmarks including Pier Towers and Withernsea Lighthouse.

Eliza said: “What inspires me is families, local areas and the events that bind them together. Our local areas are beautiful and rich with life and energy, potentially underestimated by those that don’t look too closely.

“I have children and have friends with children, so I wanted to bring that beauty to them. Using local landmarks and local events allows children real-life things they can see and do – things that they can easily relate to.

“I also really love illustrating, either through watercolour or digitally. I find it both relaxing and a great way of helping to tell the story.”

So far, Eliza’s books have been well received, and she has also been given the opportunity to read some of her books at nurseries.

She added: “I have had really positive feedback. When I speak to people, they like the simple stories and that it is promoting local culture. It was good to do some nursery readings last year. I really enjoyed the personal interaction with the children who read my books.”

To purchase A Withernsea Holiday or any of Eliza’s other books, visit amazon.co.uk/Eliza-Berison.