19 April 2024

Residents to stage ‘peaceful’ protest over broadband poles

by Ray Duffill

Residents in Hedon are staging a protest against what they see as “unsightly nine-metre telegraph poles” being installed across streets in the town and in nearby Preston South.

MS3 Networks is a Hessle-based broadband company that will also eventually have a base in the Yorkshire Energy Park to be built on the old Hedon aerodrome land in Preston South.

Its plan to roll out broadband services in competition to KCOM uses what the company describes as a hybrid approach, which: “… in some cases requires us to dig a trench in the pavement outside your property, use existing infrastructure or in most cases install a telegraph pole at carefully selected locations (subject to change).”

An online petition has been started on change.org by a local resident affected, Jane Johnson, which states: “We believe that these towering structures will not only mar the aesthetic appeal of our neighbourhoods but also have adverse effects on property values and overall quality of life.”

The petition concludes: “We call upon MS3 Networks to listen to the concerns raised by residents who cherish their community’s appearance, heritage and tranquillity. We request that they halt their plans for erecting these ugly nine-metre telegraph poles immediately. 

“By signing this petition, we express our strong opposition to this ill-conceived project which threatens to spoil our lovely streets forever. Together, let’s protect the beauty and charm of Hedon and South Preston for future generations.” 

MS3 Networks has a private meeting planned with local town councillors to explain its proposals. Mrs Johnson has called for local residents to join a peaceful protest outside Hedon Town Hall prior to the meeting in order to show the local opposition to any telegraph poles.

The meeting is scheduled for 11am on Thursday, September 7, and the protest outside the town hall will take place from 10.45am.

The online petition is at: https://www.change.org/p/stop-ugly-9-metre-telegraph-poles-in-hedon-south-preston.