22 May 2024

Residents object to plans for ‘safari’ campsite near Welwick

By Rebecca Hannant

Welwick residents have raised concerns about the impact of a proposed “safari”-style campsite development on the local area.

The plans include six glamping tents, a space for caravans and motor homes, land for plotting tents and an activities zone.

The application by Huddersfield-based Tony and Kay Booth also states that the campsite would have a positive impact on the local economy, with Patrington, Roos and Withernsea also benefiting from the increased footfall.

The plans also say that the construction materials will fit in with the rural surroundings and the structures will not interfere with any neighbouring properties.

However, some local residents argue that it would have a detrimental effect on the environment and disturb the community, saying that the site could attract up to 200 people – a claim refuted by the applicants, who say that there would only be a maximum of 24 people on site at any one time.

One resident said: “Absolutely no consideration has been considered for the feelings or the wellbeing of the local people, some of whom have lived in the village for decades.

“The development will also almost certainly seriously damage a rare ancient strip of farming landscape and affect a multitude of wildlife that call the site home. Being on a sloping site there are concerns over flooding and the disposal of sewage as the local systems are positively medieval.”

At a recent meeting, objections were raised including road safety issues, light and noise pollution, environmental concerns and the overwhelming of the community and its services by an influx of visitors. It was also observed that the village would have few activities to engage visitors, with the economy only adapting to seasonal low-wage work.

Residents also raised concerns over the local infrastructure, saying that the speed limits on nearby roads to Easington and Spurn Point could cause access problems.

Further information and resident responses can be viewed on the East Riding public access planning site under reference 21/04621/PLF and 21/04622/PLF.