16 June 2024

Public asked for views on police funding

by Rebecca Hannant

The Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, Jonathan Evison, is seeking residents’ views on this year’s policing precept.

Humberside Police say that about 70 per cent of police funding comes from central government every year, while the rest is raised through a portion of council tax known as the policing precept.

The funds allow the force to continue to provide effective support to the community and ensure vital services remain in place.

As part of the annual increases to the policing precept, Humberside Police have announced three potential options for the rates for 2024-25.

These are:

  • Option 1: An increase of £9.99 per year (19p per week) on a Band D property, which would also require £7.1 million extra funding from reserves.
  • Option 2: An increase of £12.99 per year (25p per week) on a Band D property, which would also require £6.3 million extra funding from reserves.
  • Option 3: An increase of £19.99 per year (38p per week) on a Band D property, which would enable planned improvements to be further enhanced. This option would require a public referendum.

The rates above are based on a Band D property, with Bands A to C seeing less of an increase.

PCC Jonathan Evison said: “While any increase is unwelcome in these challenging times, I have a responsibility to ensure the best achievable position for our communities. As a resident and taxpayer myself, I always want to know what I’m getting for my money, so it’s only fair that I provide an illustration of what this increase would provide.”

According to Chief Constable Paul Anderson, a £12.99 precept increase would ensure Humberside Police remained committed to maintaining the current level of police officers and PCSOs, which has been at the highest level for 15 years.

They will also increase the number of specialist police officers to address fraud, child sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.

Other services include maintaining and improving the speed of response to 999 and 101 calls, an enhanced focus on violence against women and girls and stalking offences, and enhancements for Operation Yellowfin to detect and deter criminals using off-road vehicles.

They have also pledged to provide additional police presence in coastal resorts and an enhanced drone capability, as this would be significant for improving response to rural crime, missing people, and the detection of offenders.

Operation Shield will also be able to continue to disrupt, dismantle and identify suspects involved in a host of crimes, including burglary, robbery and antisocial behaviour, as well as protect vulnerable people by targeting sexual offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse, targeting criminals who cause the most harm and distress to communities.

Mr Evison added: “The number of police officers is now at its highest since 2008. We are seeing stronger performance in crime detection, and we have a continued focus on supporting victims of crime.

“The Humberside Police Force Control Room is leading the way nationally in responding to the public by phone and online.

“When I set the budget 12 months ago with the Chief Constable, he made several pledges, including providing more 24-hour patrol teams and additional officers for neighbourhood teams and specialist policing functions. All these commitments were delivered.

“When I took office as your police commissioner in 2021, I set a bold target of bringing in £4 million by May 2024 from other national funding opportunities.

“My team has worked extremely hard and surpassed my own expectations, as I expect by the end of my term that the team will have brought more than £20 million into the Humber area for a range of projects all focused on keeping our communities safer.”

To access the survey, which closes at midnight on Friday, January 26, visit survey.alchemer.com/s3/7624787/Police-Funding-2024-25.

For more information about the PCC, visit humberside-pcc.gov.uk.