16 June 2024

The Legendary Lost Town of Ravenser: On the Trail of Yorkshire’s Famous Vanished Seaport, by Phil Mathison




Talk of a famous Yorkshire town thrown up by the sea, and then erased by the same waters could be dismissed as a myth. But Ravernser Odd was no myth. The legendary seaport, in its day, rivalled and then surpassed Hull and Grimsby and in the process made the fortunes of many traders.

The town returned two MPs to Parliament; had a chapel, two markets every week and an annual fair. Its ships featured prominently in the conflicts with Scotland in the early 14th century, and yet within fifty years, it was gone. The sea had given, and the sea had taken away.

Within these pages, the author will attempt to build up the story of this historic port that the waves tore down.

Paperback, 122 pages.