23 July 2024

A Seating of Moles, by Ivor Kemp




This is a romance between two mature people who might never have discovered their true feelings for each other without the bizarre help of Vic Spooner and his family.

Vic is in the building game and in that he is successful. He is a member of the Rotary Club and pillar of the local community, but his private life is dogged by mishap and misunderstandings as a result of which, he frequently finds himself in some hilarious situations. It was a matter of £5,000, originally intended to be an anonymous donation to the church roof fund, that played a major part in his affairs as it got stolen, hidden, discovered and misappropriated at least once before it finally reached its destination.

Vic’s misfortune tends to rub off onto those he comes into contact with as well, as the mayor discovers to her cost but in spite of all this, the redoubtable Mrs Spooner takes matters in hand and brings success from what seemed like heading towards total chaos on more than one occasion. This is a story that gallops along and will keep you intrigued right to the end, when even the bishop comes under the influence of Spooner’s net of mishap.

Paperback, 158 pages.