16 April 2024

Plea for more community transport drivers

East Yorkshire Community Transport is asking for help to identify people living in isolation and for volunteer drivers.

The umbrella company for HART and Goole GoFar is putting out a plea for help to find more drivers to enable transport services for people in isolation.

Loneliness and isolation have been linked to several physical and mental conditions and it
has been stated that the damage it does is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Former East Riding councillor Jane Evison is working with the community transport group to make a real difference in the region.

Jane, who has been involved in delivering community transport in the area for some years, said: “Being alone and having to deal with everyday problems and upsets on your own is a dreadful position to be in – it has a very negative impact on health, and it is something I want to help resolve.

“Community transport is about more than just getting someone from A to B, it is about the companionship received from another passenger and the driver when making that journey.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to not just highlight the problem of loneliness but to also say there is also something people can do to help.

“If you know of any households where because of disability or lack of transport people have become housebound, please let me know. We may be able to help get them to the shops, a coffee morning or address other needs.

“The second ask is for volunteer drivers to help us deliver our transport services and really help those people who are lonely – it is a really rewarding job and so worthwhile.”

Anyone who knows someone that might need help can contact Jane at [email protected] or phone 07815 489682.

For more information about being a volunteer driver, call 01964 536684.