19 April 2024

Paranormal investigators tell their story

By Rebecca Hannant

A pair of local authors have released a new book featuring accounts of paranormal investigations in East Yorkshire.

Heaven Only Knows, by Vic Harbord, of Hornsea, and Christine Townend, of Hull, details how they both became interested in the paranormal and shares their experiences of investigations across East and North Yorkshire.

They have gone on to achieve wider recognition and recently appeared live on the Talk TV show Unexplained Mysteries, hosted by Howard Hughes. During the interview they discussed one of their most “spine-chilling” investigations where they say they encountered “something inhuman” at St Lawrence Church in Atwick.

Christine said: “This investigation will forever stick in our minds, after encountering a negative energy in the grounds of the church yard and hearing the haunting sound of a growl. A photograph was captured of something that can only be described as inhuman staring at us through the stained-glass window of the church.”

Their investigations have also taken them to a studio in Hull where a large orb was captured on camera near one of the speakers.

The pair have visited many churches around the East and North Yorkshire areas including Bainton, Harpham, Hornsea and Roos, where they communicated with several spirits using audio equipment and a spirit box.

Vic added: “At another location in Flamborough there is the legend of Jenny Gallows who was reputed to have committed suicide by jumping into a well. Rumour has it that if you walk around what is now a quarry eight times, the ghost of Jenny Gallows will appear and chase you. There is something mystical but eerie about the land.

“Many light anomalies (orbs) have been captured on camera and strange recordings of EVP (electronic voice phenomena) have been recorded. It is a place that appears to hold a lot of energy and requires further investigation.”

The pair also detail their use of digital cameras, camcorders, audio equipment and other technology to capture orbs, strange light anomalies and spirit formations, as well as EVP.

Alongside the collection of their personal stories, the book includes photographs captured across their investigations.

Vic and Christine also offer their services free of charge to anyone who is experiencing disturbing paranormal phenomena. Discretion is always assured. They are also available to give free talks, with film shows, in aid of recognised charities. To contact them, call 07890 601328.

The 114-page paperback book, Heaven Only Knows, is now available locally from the Withernsea Wizards shop in Seaside Road, Withernsea, Burton Constable Hall gift shop, Hessle Bookshop, the Potteries shop at Hornsea Freeport, and Karl’s computers in Hornsea.