23 July 2024

Nursery celebrates half-century

by Rebecca Hannant

Hornsea Nursery School will celebrate its 50th anniversary this month.

Since opening its doors to the first cohort of four-year-olds in 1973, the nursery has gone from strength to strength while undergoing significant transformations.

It has adapted to changes in curriculum, expectations and the physical building. Now in its third generation of children, the nursery has become a popular community favourite across generations and continues to deliver a high level of education.

In recent years, Hornsea Nursery School has expanded to accommodate a steady increase in pupil numbers, and it has also extended its support to two-year-olds.

A spokesperson said: “Over the years, Hornsea Nursery School has been the site of numerous notable events.

“One such achievement was the outstanding Ofsted rating, recognising the school’s commitment to excellence in education. This accolade reflects the dedication and hard work of the staff and administration in ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning.”

Hornsea Nursery School has also gained a reputation for training other teachers in early years education.

The spokesperson added: “The school’s expertise and dedication to providing high-quality teaching have led to its recognition as a leader in the field.

“Hornsea Nursery School has been at the forefront of national initiatives, particularly in science education, where it has been recognised for its innovative approaches and curriculum development.

“The exceptional contributions of Hornsea Nursery School have been acknowledged through the recent award of an honorary doctorate to the head teacher by the University of Hull.

“This prestigious recognition highlights the school’s commitment to excellence and its significant impact on the field of early childhood education.

“As Hornsea Nursery School celebrates its 50th anniversary, the school remains committed to its core values of providing a nurturing and enriching environment for young children. The dedicated staff and governors are excited to continue their journey of shaping young minds and preparing them for a successful future.”

On Thursday, September 28, the nursery has invited parents of the current intake to join them for a celebration from 2.30pm. Past staff and governors will also be joining in. Tea and scones will also be available, and the children will be singing for the crowd.