16 April 2024

New owners for town centre store

By Michelle Horst

A shop in a prime location in Newbegin, Hornsea, has reopened as a retro gaming bar and cafe.

Formerly the home of Crafty Café and haberdashery, the store had remained empty since the previous owners took the decision to close in July 22.

For a short time, the shop was to become a bookshop and cafe. However, new tenant Rage Quit has been working over the winter months to bring a new lease of life to it.

Rage Quit opened on March 22 after an exclusive invitation-only event the previous week.

One passer-by said: “It’s been an eyesore.

“I think it’s nice to have the shop open again, but I don’t know what a gaming café is. I am sure the young people of the town will like it, though.”

The first of its kind in the town, Rage Quit provides access to retro gaming as well as a bar and café. Customers can play games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft and Fifa while savouring themed food menus, including cocktails inspired by Pokémon characters.

The popularity quickly saw the café and bar sell out on its first day of business.

The eye-catching mural of fighters Ken and Ryu from the Streetfighter series is the feature artwork of one of the owners, Chris.

The owners, Josie, Max and Chris, have many more plans for the business and are currently looking for seasonal staff.