22 May 2024

MP pledges to tackle village ‘rat run’

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has paid a return visit to Preston to discuss ways to improve the roads in the village.

Mr Stuart, joined by Conservative councillor John Dennis and Labour councillor Steve Gallant, met local parish councillors and members of the Preston Traffic Committee.

He saw for himself the challenges that large vehicles face when driving along the narrow roads in the village and the brick wall that was destroyed recently when a driver misjudged the turning.

They agreed that bollards needed to be installed on the junction of School Road and Station Road to prevent cars from mounting the pavement, and that the Stop line on Staithes Road needed to be moved back to allow drivers more room to turn.

Mr Stuart has contacted East Riding Council to explain the need for these changes and will continue to work with the local councillors to improve transport in Preston.

Cllr Dennis said: “Too many large vehicles are coming through Preston and the current road system isn’t suitable for this.

“Cllr Sue Steel and I have been working closely with Graham for many years to find
a solution, whether it be creating a bypass around the village or installing bollards, so I am grateful to him for continuing to make the case for this to be improved.

“What matters isn’t how we do it, what is important is that motorists and residents are safe travelling through the village.”

Cllr Gallant said: “We don’t want artics coming through Preston each and every day – and I’ll work with anyone who might move that forward.

“I’m pleased that Graham is taking this up, and I look forward to finding a way to do just that.”

Mr Stuart said: “It’s not right that Preston is a rat run. It makes the village worse for everyone who lives there.

“That’s why I’m working with local councillors Steve Gallant, John Dennis and Sue Steel to find a way to alleviate traffic in the centre of Preston and make our roads safer in the village.”