30 May 2024

MP calls for action on ‘under-used’ hospital space

Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has written to the NHS to call for improvements in the use of space in Withernsea Community Hospital.

During his recent visit to the hospital Mr Stuart, together with councillors Lyn Healing and Sean McMaster, recommended that plans should be in place to use the under-used rooms in the hospital for virtual consultations.

It takes two hours to travel from Withernsea to Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital so this would be one way of reducing the need for local people to make this journey, making a huge difference to them.

Concerns over the under-use of the x-ray department were also raised. Mr Stuart and the local ward councillors are aware that although the equipment is on site, it is only used one or two days a week due to a lack of staff available to operate it. They say it is important that the people of Withernsea have the x-rays they require close to home as soon as possible following referral.

While some progress is being made to improve dentistry in the East Riding, Mr Stuart and the councillors said they were disappointed that the dental service at the hospital had on occasion only been available two days a week, and are pushing for plans to increase this to five days.

South East Holderness ward councillors Lyn Healing, Claire Holmes and Sean McMaster said: “We are lucky to have these local facilities but it is important that they are used to full capacity. Every day they sit unused is a wasted opportunity for local people.

“It is very welcome that following Graham’s involvement City Health are now accepting new patients after making progress to reduce their waiting list. This is a big improvement that will help local people but it can be even better.

“Offering more appointments at convenient times would ensure people across Withernsea receive the high quality treatment they deserve.”

Mr Stuart said: “We are lucky to have Withernsea Community Hospital on our doorsteps. But for many a trip to hospital for a five-minute meeting means a four-hour return bus journey to Hull.

“That is why I am working with the ward councillors to ensure key parts of the hospital are used up to five days a week so the precious space is used to give as many people as possible the treatment they need in a timely manner close to home.”