16 June 2024

‘Meet friends old and new at Games Night’

by Michelle Horst

With the promise of warmth and a good supply of tea and biscuits, Games Night will return to Hornsea this week.

The Floral Hall’s cafe is converted into a buzzing, cosy respite on Tuesday evenings from 6pm until 9pm. The night offers people the chance to discover new friends and have fun through the cold winter evenings.

Volunteer Nadia Bridges said: “There are plenty of games for people to try. Board games and a jigsaw library are available. They’re all free. People are welcome to bring their own games.”

Fellow volunteer Rosie Bullard said: “It’s wonderful to see people enjoying themselves. It’s grown to be part of people’s weekly routine.”

Nadia and Rosie were part of the initial Warm Spaces initiative that was funded in 2022.

Nicci, of Mappleton, waiting for her turn in a game of Istanbul, said: “It’s somewhere we can meet. We are all from different villages so without this I don’t think we’d see much of each other. We’re so busy and so much is closed on an evening. We play role- playing games that need plenty of space. This is perfect.”

The cafe’s lights tempt many people in from the chilly promenade to join the cheerful company, but regulars travel to take part.

Glynis, another participant, said: “We come every week to meet friends from Skipsea. It’s a bit of a thing now. We come every week to play Rummikub.

“It’s a lovely place. It gets us out of the house. Otherwise, I’d be rattling around, bored.”

A friend added: “I’d rather be here than at home running up the heating.”

The evening is addictive, and not just for the chocolate biscuits. With more research underlining the importance of staying social to keep a healthy mind and heart, Games Night – which restarts on Tuesday, November 28 – supports the wellbeing of people from around the Hornsea area.

Anyone wanting to take part can drop in to the Floral Hall Café, Esplanade, Hornsea, on Tuesdays. More information can be found via the Floral Hall on 01964 532919 or visit floralhall.org.uk.