16 April 2024

Masonic Hall welcomes visitors for heritage day

The Masonic Hall in Beverley Road, Hull – whose origins lie in Withernsea – will be open to the public on Saturday, September 9, as part of the Heritage Open Days scheme.

Holderness lodge was formed in 1911 in the Queens Hotel in Queen Street, Withernsea, and was consecrated on the May 20, 1912, by the United Grand Lodge of England.

The lodge, which was based in the Masonic Hall in Queen Street, was very successful and has shared the Masonic Hall with other lodges at Beverley Road since 2012.

The Hull philanthropist, Zachariah Pearson, had originally financed and built a Methodist church with a school house at 69 Beverley Road. The church was damaged during the Second World War, along with many other buildings of note including the Masonic Hall in Osborne Street.

The Masonic Hall was beyond repair, but the schoolhouse attached to the Methodist church was readily able to be converted to the present Masonic Hall. With splendid murals, Masonic furniture and regalia it is a sight to behold.

The main thrust of Freemasonry is about people: “Making good men better.” For anyone who would like to know more about Freemasonry, its ceremonies, social events, engagement in the community, and more the Holderness membership officer and other lodge members will be in attendance to answer questions and show you around.

For further membership details please send an email for attention of the membership officer, c/o [email protected].