30 May 2024

King leads procession to St Giles’ Cathedral behind Queen’s dressed coffin

The King has led a procession to Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral behind the Queen’s coffin which was draped with the Royal Standard in Scotland and dressed with a wreath of flowers.

Thousands lined the streets and applauded as the Queen was taken from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the cathedral where her family, and a congregation drawn from all areas of Scottish society, attended a service of thanksgiving for her life.

A wreath on her coffin consisted of nine different flowers, including white spray roses, white freesias, white button chrysanthemums and dried white heather.

The wreath also contained thistles, foliage, rosemary, hebe and pittosporum.

The coffin is due to rest at the cathedral for 24 hours.

Dogs could be heard barking as the hearse continued its procession on a bright sunny day in Edinburgh.

Members of the public held their phones high to capture images of the historic event.

Women shouted “God bless the Queen” as the hearse made its way past.

Before arriving at the cathedral, the procession was greeted by the Guard of Honour and Band in front of the fountain, with the High Constables and the Baillie’s Guard in position under the Colonnade.

When the coffin arrived, the guard of honour gave a royal salute and the band played one verse of the national anthem.

The bearer party, found by the Royal Regiment of Scotland, then took up their flanking position.

The escort party, found by the King’s Body Guard for Scotland, and royal cars, flanked by members of the royal family, walked at the rear of the procession, and took their positions close to the hearse.

The guard of honour was accompanied by a pipe band with drums, draped and muffled.