23 July 2024

Kids’ club bids farewell to Diane

By Rebecca Hannant

On Wednesday, January 31, Head-on in Kids’ Club celebrated the retirement of manager Diane Hockless after 26 years.

Diane started working at the Hedon club from its setup in 1998 and has worked with generations of children throughout the years.

She said: “I have absolutely loved it. I don’t want to leave, really, but you get to a point where you must. Staff have been here a long time like I have. It’s a really nice job, that is why they stay.

“I have had lots of hugs from the kids, and lots of cards made. They come in and tell you that they don’t want you to go which is lovely. You know you have made an impact then. But they won’t get rid of me. I will see them all again.”

The club celebrated with a cake and gifts, while previous members were invited to wish Diane farewell and share their memories with her.

Diane has said she will be celebrating with a week’s holiday but has no major plans for her retirement.

She added: “I know that I am leaving the kids’ club in good hands. I know I can come in for a coffee when I want, so I will be leaving, but I will be back.”