16 June 2024

Hub launches as warm spaces venue

By Rebecca Hannant

The Gateway Community Care Hub in Withernsea has launched as the latest warm spaces hub in the area.

Since receiving a Do it for East Yorkshire grant in 2022, the Gateway, in Queen Street, has expanded its services to support people in the area to keep warm. The hub also offers advice for those who are struggling and a place for friendly chat.

Gateway organiser Tim Jarvis said: “For a lot of people in the area they have a choice between heat or eat. Although our gas prices have gone up 700 per cent in 18 months, we have still opened. We decided to keep the heating on for everybody.”

Fellow organiser Melissa Hayton added: “With the warm spaces, we get a lot of people who come in to keep warm. But because they love the company, getting a free cup of tea, and getting someone to talk and spend time with them, I think it is really helping those who suffer from depression.

“It is really helping people to know that there is somewhere safe to come, where they can keep warm, get a drink, and see a friendly face.

“With people who have come in for the warm space, some of them we have seen really need food. When that happens, we will help them with a package of food.”

The hub is also supported by the nearby Aldi store in Queen Street, which donates items every day.

Anyone who would like to attend the warm space can pop into the Gateway. No application is needed.

The hub is also looking for volunteers to help it open on Wednesdays. To get involved, contact the Gateway.