16 April 2024

Hornsea Inshore Rescue’s rooftop cafe will boast ‘fantastic panoramic coastal views’

By Rebecca Hannant

Hornsea Inshore Rescue has big plans to build a rooftop café with a “full panoramic view” on its premises near the Promenade.

The charity hopes to have rooftop decking made from recycled wood, and glass panels affording views across the coastline. A new lift and staircase would also be required to give people access.

Sue Hickson-Marsay, chairman and station manager, said: “We are just starting the feasibility study and seeing what people think. The feedback has been amazing. We have even had the likes of Graham Stuart have a look around and he thinks it will be a wonderful idea. Members of the council think it will be a good idea. Its early days at the moment, but everyone seems to be supporting it.

“What we must do now is to get the permission authorised, which should be straightforward. Hornsea boat launch also needs to get the money, so we need to put out for grants and applications, and support from local businesses.”

It is hoped that the new attraction would also benefit Hornsea Inshore Rescue with a regular source of income contributing to the charity. It is also hoped that it will improve tourism, as it will bring visitors to Hornsea and surrounding areas.

Mrs Hickson-Marsay added: “The benefit for us will be that it will generate income to help us with our self-sustainability running the lifeboat station. The benefit to the community will be bringing people in. We have had people in from Canada, America and China come to our lower deck. These visitors will also generate income for the town.

“The beautiful thing about it is we do a lot in education for children, and we have a lot of visitors come from all walks of life. They will be able to come upstairs and see the white cliffs of Flamborough. They will be able to see the coastal erosion. They would be able to see the windfarms. It would be fantastic for everyone to have a panoramic view. It is early days yet, but we feel strongly that it should happen. We would like the support of everybody else. It will be great for Hornsea.”

The project is expected to be completed by 2024.

Meanwhile, Ørsted, the developer of Hornsea 2, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has recently published its Community Development Funds autumn newsletter, which features a visit to Hornsea Inshore Rescue by its senior fund manager Imran Nawaz.

Ørsted recently granted the independent lifeboat charity £8,000 towards the purchase of a launching tractor, and during the visit it was demonstrated to Mr Nawaz by crew member Carl Handley.

Steve Hall, Hornsea Inshore Rescue’s coxswain and grants manager, is quoted in the newsletter.

He said: “The grant from the East Coast Community Fund sponsored by Ørsted has enabled us to purchase a lifeboat launching tractor which is now busy helping to save lives off the Hornsea coast – a great investment from the Hornsea wind farms.”