20 June 2024

Historic Lambert House to open to public for first time in decades

by Ray Duffill

Lambert House, a grade II listed building, will open to the public for the first time in a generation as part of the Head into Hedon programme for Heritage Open Days.

Lambert House, in Sheriff Highway, was built sometime between 1830 and 1840, but it was as the home of Colonel William Lambert White (1849-1929) in the1880s that the house acquired its current name. The colonel gained his rank through service as a soldier in the local citizen army volunteer force. He also served on Hedon Borough Council and became mayor three times.

During Colonel White’s occupancy he built a room almost entirely of church stones complete with gargoyles and other pieces of church masonry. Some of these may have come from stones displaced from St Augustine’s Church during repairs being carried out there.

Until very recently Lambert House was owned by chemicals firm px Group. It acquired the property from BP, which had used the site as accommodation and training provision, but never opened for public viewing.

Hayley Eslor, the new owner of Lambert House, pledged in June this year to “open its doors to the public and allow locals to enjoy what has been a hidden gem” – and it now will be from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 17.

Lambert House joins Ivy House, Hedon Museum, St Augustine’s Church, Hedon Catholic Church and Hedon Town Hall in being open to the public at some point during the week of September 11-18.

In addition to the open buildings, the Head into Hedon initiative will include several local history walks, a musical folk and history tour, and Regency dancing.

All the events will be free. The Head into Hedon project, led by Tony Porter of Hedon Museum, is being funded by East Riding Council’s Do It For East Yorkshire Community Grant.