21 June 2024

Farewell to school’s ‘fashionista’ receptionist

by Rebecca Hannant

The beloved “fashionista” receptionist at Holderness Academy has retired after 18 years of service.

Since 2006, Joy Harrison has worked front of house at the school greeting students and parents alike.

Over this time, she says she has seen many changes including the transition of the school from the South Holderness Technology College into Holderness Academy. She has also seen a generation of families pass through the school.

Lead practitioner Julia Lovel said: “Since 2006, she has developed her career into being our receptionist. She is very much the heart and centre of our community. She knows everyone in the community and the students, and their families love her.

“It’s a mark of how well she is received because three to four years ago flowers and cards started arriving.

“Joy is also quite famous in our community for the way she dresses – she has always had a different outfit on every day since she started working here in 2006.

“Her nails are always on point, her hair is always flashy. She is our fashionista, so we are going to miss that because we always play a game of ‘what is she wearing today?’”

Joy said she had no plans for her retirement and was looking forward to a well-earned break after working 8am to 4.30pm every weekday for many years.

However, she said she would still be seen around the school and will continue to invigilate exams. Joy said: “I am looking forward to retirement, but it is going to be tough. My plan was to have no plans – my life has always been planned out with family and work, so my plan is ‘no plans’.

“I have loved working at the school with the amazing staff and parents. It has been amazing.

“The highlights have been seeing children achieve and get good GCSEs and results.

“My granddaughter left the school in 2022 – she wasn’t a high-flyer but with the help of the teachers she got amazing grades and is currently taking A-levels at Wyke. It’s a wonderful place.

“To sum it all up, I feel incredibly lucky to have been in so many young people’s lives and have given them support when they have needed it.”