21 June 2024

Exhibition to ‘bring home grim reality of war’

by Ray Duffill

Hedon Museum is staging a special exhibition at St Augustine’s Church to coincide with the town’s D-Day commemorations.

The exhibition, starting on Thursday, June 6, will bring to life the stories of those who gave their lives during the Second World War and named on the two war memorials – the one on Ivy Lane and the memorial to those lost from Hedon School found at the British Legion on Magdalen Gate.

The named people served in all four services and the young age of those who died is apparent, with the youngest being only 16.

Tony Porter, from the museum, said: “Their individual stories bring home the grim reality of war, and the personal battles and heroism too of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. There are ‘Boys’ Own’ stories of secret weapons and survival.

“The impact of sheer chance in some of their experiences has been discovered.

“There is a mystery, too, as nothing can be found about three names on the memorials, Mark Crough, Arthur Brown and Raymond Newsome.

“If people have any information on these people or memories of the time, please feel free to leave comments at the exhibition or contact us at [email protected]. Hedon Museum is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.”

Also in the exhibition is the biography of one man’s war during the D-Day period. Bill Porter, Tony Porter’s father, was in the Royal Navy and was involved offshore at Sword Beach. His story is told on a series of numbered paddles.

Tony added: “Along with many others my father did not talk very much about his war experiences.

“It was only after he had gone that I pieced together his time in the Royal Navy. He was there at many pivotal times in the war and ended up present at the Japanese surrender in Hong Kong.

“I hope the information on the display paddles will also give background to D-Day and his experiences.”

The exhibition will be in the South Transept of St Augustine’s Church and the museum would like to thank the church for allowing this exhibition to be staged.

The church display is open every day from 10am to 3pm from Thursday, June 6, until Thursday, June 20.