22 May 2024

Couple bring festive cheer to town

By Rebecca Hannant

A Withernsea couple are planning to bring sweets, Santa and festive cheer to the town – in a huge red truck.

After being “disappointed” by this year’s Christmas event in the Valley Gardens, residents Lesley Shakoor and her husband Jonathan decided that they would plan their own.

Jonathan will dress up as Santa and drive around Withernsea in a large red HGV, supported by his elves.

Lesley said: “Before Covid my husband used to have a camper van which was airbrushed and full of lights. He would go around on Christmas Eve to wave to children before bedtime. He works for a company, and he took his truck to a local nursery to do a show and tell.

“We came up with the idea of going round in his truck, him as Santa, me as an elf and giving out sweets but then parking up for children to have photos with Santa and the big truck. No charge – just something nice to do for the children of Withernsea.”

The event will take place on December 20. The truck will travel from Hollym at 5.30pm and then through Withernsea town centre. It will turn left at the Lifeboat fish and chip shop, then down Hull Road before turning right at the lighthouse. It will then travel up North Road to Waxholme Road before turning around and heading to Seaside Road where it will park near Ellis’ Café for 6.45pm.

Santa and his elves will be giving bags of sweets to the children. The organisers had asked for donations of sweets, with the Gazette office serving as one drop-off point. It has been well supported, and one large donation alone included Haribos, chocolate coins and watermelon sweets worth about £100.

The organisers have also asked people not to arrive early at Ellis’ Café and to keep the roads clear as the vehicle will need space to manoeuvre. The cafe will also be open for festive refreshments.

For more information, visit the Facebook group Withernsea Christmas Santa Truck Drive Through.