16 June 2024

Clear-up begins after seafront flood

A clear-up operation is continuing after high tides flooded the South Promenade at Hornsea earlier this week.

Seafront amusements deployed flood defences after the waves topped the sea wall, and Hornsea Inshore Rescue assisted Humberside Police in the removal of a vehicle that had become submerged in about 6ft of flood water.

On Monday, January 15, the silver Rover became trapped as the waters rose. A woman and a dog were able to get out of the car safely and sustained no injuries.

The car was later pulled out by a Hornsea Inshore Rescue tractor.

A spokesman for the independent lifeboat charity said: “We worked with Humberside Police on South Promenade to remove a stranded car caught out in the high seas breaching the flood defences.

“Our Valtra launch tractor proved more than up to the task of clearing the car from South Promenade while the owner awaited collection by their insurance company.

“Thankfully the owner and their dog suffered no injuries. However, we ask all to remain safe along the coast during this period of spring tides. South Promenade for the moment remains closed.”

New Road and South Promenade in Hornsea remained closed to traffic in the following days as high waves continued to top the sea wall.

The tide also caused further slips on cliff sides along the Mappleton coastline. While the flood warning was lifted at 9.05am on January 16, the emergency services are continuing to advise the public to be cautious near cliff edges, beaches and along coastal footpaths.

A spokesman for East Riding Council said: “We have closed South Promenade at Hornsea due to flooding caused by the high tide, with waves overtopping the sea wall.

“Although the water has now receded, there is now a significant amount of debris to be cleared away.”