20 June 2024

Changes planned after bus services criticised

East Riding Council and East Yorkshire Buses have said they will make changes to services in Hornsea in a bid to boost facilities in the area.

It comes after a group of residents came together to write a letter to various service providers across the region over the bus facilities currently available.

They argue that Hornsea has been left out of any planned improvements and expansions in services, and say they are concerned about the buses currently running between Hornsea, Beverley and Hull. They also criticised the state of the bus shelter facilities in the area.

June Greensmith said: “I am, along with other residents of Hornsea, absolutely incensed by the fact Hornsea has been overlooked in relation to the upgrading of bus services to the East Riding.

“To read East Riding Council proudly declaring the achievements, in relation to the £2.28 million funding, on various social media platforms, has been a bitter pill.

“Not only have Hornsea and district residents not been informed of this funding opportunity., I believe Hornsea town councillors were also left out of the loop, despite having a monthly agenda item, East Riding Council Matters of Interest, where cascading of vital and relevant information is poor and low-level.”

The residents said that any resident living in the South ward who wants to travel to Beverley or Hull must walk a 15 to 20-minute route to the Market Place, which is impossible for those with limited mobility. Those who do manage to walk are then faced with the same walk back, as the 550 timetable does not coordinate with the 24/25 from Beverley.

They also claim that evening services to and from Hornsea are inadequate.

In the letter, the residents also said that some of the bus shelters have no seating in Market Place, Esplanade, at the Parish Hall stop, and in Rolston Road. They said there was no shelter provided in Market Place, at the Parish Hall stop or in Rolston Road. The shelters are often used inappropriately and subject to littering, and it is left to volunteers who regularly clean them.

The residents are also concerned about the future of the facilities with the addition of 170 new houses in Rolston Rd, and a further 195 in Burton Road. They claim that an inadequate bus service will result in a higher use of cars coming into Hornsea, where parking is limited.

East Yorkshire Buses pledged to increase services in the region and improve facilities.

A spokesman for East Riding Council said: “To date the council has allocated half the funds available for bus service improvements in 2024- 25, based on schemes set out in our Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and Enhanced Bus Partnership (EP) Plan and Scheme.

“In October all town and parish councils were invited to a forum event to hear improvement plans and had the opportunity to suggest others.

“The council currently supports several bus services in and around Hornsea.

“We fund the 550 Hornsea Town Bus Service in full – some morning journeys on the 25 Hornsea-Beverley service; Saturdays, Sundays and the full winter service on the 130 Hornsea-Bridlington; and the full 129 Hornsea- Withernsea bus service.

“In addition, we have used Government Bus Service Improvement (BSIP+) Funds to maintain the Sunday 25 service from Hornsea to Beverley.

“We also plan, if operator capacity exists, to fund an increase in the 24 Hornsea-Hull service to an hourly frequency.

“Hornsea town bus service is popular, well used, and is designed to give residents good access to facilities within the town itself.

“We have used BSIP funds to provide new Friday and Saturday evening services in various areas of the East Riding where they did not previously exist, but for Hornsea residents these opportunities already exist on Friday and Saturday evenings with late evening 25 services from Beverley back to Hornsea and a 11.10pm service 23 to Hornsea from Hull, via Beverley.

“Both these services offer Hornsea residents evening access to Beverley and Hull for leisure or cultural activities.

“We own the shelter in Newbegin, and we have asked for it to be urgently cleaned. Residents can report any further issues to us via our website.

“The Market Place and Rolston Road bus stops are on pavements with limited space for bus shelters.

“The bus shelter on Esplanade is owned by Hornsea Town Council. The provision of further shelters is for the town council to consider.”