22 May 2024

Calls to improve zebra crossing safety after girl hit by car

by Joe Gerrard

An 11-year-old girl being hit by a car while walking over a Thorngumbald zebra crossing on her way home from school has prompted calls to improve safety there.

The incident happened on the zebra crossing in Main Road – which some in the village claim is ignored by drivers.

Alexa Wrightson, who was not badly injured, said the accident was a scary experience and she did not want others to go through the same thing.

An East Riding Council spokesman said they had offered to meet Thorngumbald Parish Council to discuss the issue further.

Since the accident happened in January, Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart has joined calls to improve the crossing, along with East Riding and parish councillors.

He and East Riding South West Holderness Cllr John Dennis and Thorngumbald Parish Council members claimed they saw drivers disregarding the crossing during their visit.

Mr Stuart said he visited the crossing after being contacted by Miss Wrightson’s grandfather Peter Maskell who was concerned about her welfare and the safety of other pedestrians.

The Conservative MP added that locals had called for the crossing to be turned into a pelican crossing so that drivers are alerted to it.

Mr Stuart said: “It’s every parent’s nightmare to be told that their child’s been hit by a car.

“That’s why I’m working with Alexa, Peter and Thorngumbald Parish Council to install a pedestrian crossing at the site so that no one else has to go through this.”

Mr Stuart’s involvement come as part of his Make Our Roads Safer campaign which aims help locals get traffic calming measures, speed restrictions and signs in problem areas.

East Riding Council’s spokesman said: “We have already responded to Graham Stuart MP and have offered to meet with the parish council about this issue.”