30 May 2024

‘Brilliant support’ for Carnival Santa run

By Rebecca Hannant

The Hornsea Carnival committee has held another successful Santa run to raise money for next summer’s event.

During the evenings of Monday, December 12, to Friday, December 16, members of the committee and volunteers took to the town’s residential streets dressed as Santa and his elves and delivered sweets to local children.

The event has achieved widespread popularity throughout the years, and this year hundreds of children and their families greeted the festive group.

Organiser Iain Poole, chairman of the carnival committee, said: “Well, that is another year completed of the Santa sleigh around Hornsea. The team and the volunteers who came to help collect donations all agree we have had a magical week.

“We were blessed with the weather – while it was maybe not the best for people getting about and to work, for Santa and his elves it was business as usual. This year we wanted to make it more magical for the children of the town, and thanks also go to the amazing talents of local creative Allen Stephen Crawford, who helped bring the vision we had for Santa to life – and, yes, it was inspired by The Christmas Chronicles.”

The event also gave the committee the chance to collect donations from residents of the town which will go towards next year’s carnival. In total they raised £1,137.

Iain added: “We seriously cannot thank you all enough. We had brilliant support from Hornsea Urban Gardeners who turned out to help shake some buckets for us, as well as Lucien’s and the Victoria Inn who fed and watered our hard-working team.

“Considering the times we are in, we have been blown away by the generosity from the town. We cannot thank everyone enough for what they have managed to give us. We have seen smiles, laughs, bouncing children and tears of joy from some aunties, and we had greetings from fur babies, too – some who walked with us for sections of the run.

“These events don’t just happen – they take a lot of planning and paperwork and late nights, which we all do because we love our town, we love our community, and we feel that together we can do anything.

“All that remains is to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year from all of us at Hornsea Carnival.”

The committee is now actively looking for sponsors for the carnival and other events next year. To find out more, visit hornseacarnival.org.uk.