23 July 2024

GENERAL ELECTION 2024: Your candidates in Bridlington and the Wolds

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm. Remember your photo ID!

As an East Yorkshire- born resident I am fighting to be a strong voice in Parliament for you. Enough empty words – I will work hard and prioritise what matters to us on the coast. Reform UK is a party that wants to cut your taxes and reduce the burden in these difficult times. A £20,000 tax allowance for all will help those on the lowest incomes. The clue is in the name – we will reform our NHS and cut waiting lists to zero. Far too long have we watched the decline of our hospital, GP and dental services. We firmly believe the NHS should always remain free at point of delivery. Immigration is too high and we are the only party wanting to debate the issue and bring forward plans to reduce and cut migration to net-zero. I hear daily from hard-working residents: “Enough is enough, it is time for change.”
Make your vote count and get down-to-earth representation back into politics.

For 14 years rural communities have been failed. If elected the Labour MP for Bridlington and the Wolds, I will work with you to deliver change. I’m from a public sector background
and passionate about improving our health. Labour will immediately take action on waiting lists by creating an extra 40,000 appointments a week. Labour will prioritise economic stability and growth, putting more power in local hands. We will improve connectivity in northern coastal communities by fixing one million potholes a year, overhauling our railways and giving local areas more control over buses. Farming is crucial to our area. I will champion British farming, and ensure local voices are heard. Labour will create Great British Energy, a publicly owned clean power company that will cut bills for good and boost energy security. And we won’t raise income tax, National Insurance or VAT – working people have already paid too high a price for Conservative mismanagement. We will introduce regulation to stop water companies polluting our water, and crack down on antisocial behaviour. A vote for Labour is a vote for change.

This July 4, let’s make it “Independence Day” and vote for real change. I’m Tom Cone, your Independent candidate for Bridlington and the Wolds. I’m not just another politician – like you, I’m fed up with broken promises and unaccountable MPs.I’ve experienced the NHS’s highs and lows, from meningitis and a motorbike accident, to depression during the pandemic. Our NHS is broken and local dental care is a disaster. Help me hold these politicians accountable for their actions. From businessman to binman and beach cleaner, I live here and I work here. I helped farmers during foot-and-mouth and thousands of rural businesses navigate the digital economy. I founded BridHub to promote local businesses and even launched a service to compete with Just Eat. I’m running to hold MPs accountable, unravel the NHS crisis, get some dentists to Bridlington, and stop the water scandal. If you’re tired of the political merry-go-round, vote for me, Tom Cone.

My mission is simple: to be the strongest possible voice for East Yorkshire – fighting to protect the coast and countryside, improve local healthcare, back our businesses and cut taxes. I live locally in Wansford with my wife and two young children and I have been a senior adviser to the British pig industry for a number of years, while also being a councillor on East Riding Council. I grew up in Nafferton before moving to London to pursue a career in sport and communications. I have previously worked with Hull City AFC, London 2012 Olympics and England Rugby before returning home and taking on a role close to my family’s farming roots. With your support, I will use my skills and experience to help local residents and businesses to make our beautiful part of the world an even better place to live and work. Please vote for me on Thursday, July 4!

I have been a member of the Green Party for more than 20 years and a supporter for much longer. Many of the people I have spoken to believe that a vote for the Green Party is a wasted vote. This is solely due to our present system of first past the post. It is frustrating to watch the country sink into greater decline with every successive government and to have to listen to their empty promises. I am mainly interested in trying to ensure a healthy future for my grandchildren to secure the future of this beautiful planet. We cannot continue to plunder what remains of the earth’s resources. For instance: farming on an industrial scale is not sustainable. We should be promoting organic farming and encouraging people to grow their own fruit and vegetables (where possible). As an allotment holder myself I can vouch for the benefits of “growing your own” in terms of promoting mental and physical health. I keep my garden wild to support a wide variety of wildlife and I don’t own a car.

My priorities for the people in Bridlington and the Wolds are health and local hospital care, crime, the environment and transport infrastructure. I’ve been a member of the Yorkshire Party for eight years and am its deputy leader. I also represent Bridlington South on the town council and on East Riding Council. I am pleased to say that I helped bring the first motion to declare a climate emergency and oppose oil and gas exploration in Yorkshire. I continue to hold Yorkshire Water to account for sewage discharges. Serving the residents of Bridlington and the Wolds is a privilege and I will fulfil this to the best of my ability. Yorkshire has long been left behind. In 2023, public spending in London and Scotland was £2,600 per person greater than Yorkshire, meaning Yorkshire was disadvantaged by £14 billion. Sending me to Westminster will show that the region’s residents want better.

I’m Jayne Phoenix and I’m honoured to be your Liberal Democrat candidate. In so many ways our country is broken. The economy, the NHS, the climate, housing, all in crisis after years of Conservative neglect. Schools are underfunded, more people are using food banks, several in Bridlington. In this election I believe we need to transform the nature of politics so we can give people the Fair Deal we deserve. We need to listen to residents’ concerns about our damaged healthcare system, about them not getting to see a doctor or register with a dentist, having to travel miles to see a consultant when our own Bridlington hospital is under-utilised. I am not a career politician, I’m a local councillor, a mum and a member of the community in Bridlington. I am here to listen, to act and to deliver real change. I hope over the past two years as a councillor I have proven myself to be hard-working and a dedicated public servant. Win or lose, I am committed to this area.

For 40 years, I’ve been a self-employed craftsman, mainly working with Sterling Silver. I was born in Birmingham, met my wife in London, and just over 20 years ago we moved to Bridlington with our two young children to be closer to family. Now, living above our shop on the High Street in Old Town, we feel deeply rooted in our coastal community. We will not be successful as separate towns and any future regeneration efforts must be balanced and coordinated. It’s quite remarkable that this has not happened in the past! To that end, I would like to see a more cohesive coastal identity, better transport connections and clean water. I would encourage all our town and parish councils to have regular quarterly meetings to discuss issues of particular concern for those of us living on the coast.