A fantastic recent few weeks for the Lonely Goats



ABBIE and Alexia Morgan took on the David Goggins Challenge. This was a 48 hour challenge to run four miles every four hours. 

This was very challenging trying to include sleep and nutrition over the 48 hours. Starting Friday evening at 8pm and the last run being 4pm on the Sunday. They managed to find 12 different four mile loops so never having to run the same route twice. They were supported by Spike Morgan and Bradd Braddock for a couple of runs and then finished with the support of fellow Lonely Goats. A massive achievement on very little sleep. 

Bath Half Marathon was made virtual this year after last year being the last actual event before the first lockdown. Alexia and Abbie Morgan decided to run this on March 13 as part of marathon training. Abbie was supported by Bradd Braddock and Alexia by Paul Rogers. They chose a local route starting and finishing in Hornsea.

Bath Half Marathon Results: 

Alexia Morgan 1:56:04 

Abbie Morgan 1:56:35 

Next came more marathon training with Virtual Ashby 20. As all events were cancelled the Goats decided to include this event to coincide with their long training run. 

A couple are training for their first ever road marathon. There was 3 days to complete this event so Abbie Morgan did hers on the Friday accompanied by Alexia and then Alexia ran it again on the Sunday with the other Goats. 


Alexia Morgan - 3:01:26 

Paul Rogers - 3:01:29 

Craig Grady   - 3:01:39 

Bradd Braddock - 3:02:04 

Abbie Morgan - 3:08:41 

The Golden Fleece Trail Run took place the week after. This is a 27.5 mile run starting and finishing from South Cave and taking in part of The Wolds Way. This event was virtual but the goats decided to run on the actual route. 

The route took 5:24:36 and the runners were self-supported. They were joined by a couple of fellow runners making it a lovely day out being able to run in company again. 

April saw actual events starting up and Bradd Braddock, Jason McCoubrey and Abbie Morgan travelled to Bingley to take part in an event hosted by Its Grim Up North by the side of the canal. Bradd and Jason took on the Marathon distance while Abbie ran the half marathon. A great first race with Abbie taking second place lady. 


Bradd Braddock - 4:05:00

Jason McCoubrey - 4:40:30 

Abbie Morgan - 1:56:28 - 2nd Lady 

The day after there was another virtual challenge completed. See Run York Run had a virtual event called Lucky 13. This was a 13 hour event, running Two miles every hour on the hour. Starting at 9am and the last run being 9pm. A very challenging event for those not used to running more than once a day but the Goats supported each other and everyone completed the event. Abbie Morgan, Vikki Bannister, Bradd Braddock, Paul Rogers and Jason McCoubrey completed the event together while Alexia Morgan ran elsewhere supported by Abbie and Spike for a couple of runs. 

 Last weekend fellow Green Goat Sue Beever travelled to Northallerton to take part in the Swainby Sweep Trail Run. A 6.5 mile route taking in almost 1000ft of elevation. A fantastic run for Sue in 1:20:25 in some challenging weather conditions. 

March also saw mini Goat Spike Morgan run over 100 miles. His furthest mileage this year. A fantastic achievement for Spike who turned 14 during the month.