Golfers pleased as golf course reopens

Hainsworth Park Golf Club

FUN IN THE SUN: Hainsworth Park members are happy to be back out on the golf course
RECENTLY, it was fantastic to see so many smiling faces during this time of worry as we returned to playing the game we love, writes Hainsworth Park captain, Ken.

By enlarge it was a case of boys with their toys, but a number of ladies got in on the act as well and everyone is pleased that the reopening of the course went as smoothly as we could have hoped.

However, I can assure you that the delight and pleasure shared by everyone on the course pales into insignificance when compared to the euphoria and sheer unadulterated bliss welcomed and enjoyed by countless wives, and no doubt some husbands, across the East Riding and Hull as they were relieved of the burden and challenges of living with increasingly frustrated and no doubt grumpy golfers, if only for a few hours! Most of our members are familiar with the story of Harry Shaw and his memorial plaque which sits within the trees behind the 13th green. Now, thanks to two local residents his memorial, like much of our golf course, has received a fabulous facelift. Les Sutcliffe removed the brass plaque which had broken loose from its fixing and gave it a much needed clean and polish before returning it and fixing it back in its rightful place.
Roger Wray then cleaned out the tired, dirty gravel which had been its ‘bed’ for many years and replaced it with new bright white stone chippings. The result of their work is clear to see in the before and after photos below, or even better by having a look the next time you are leaving the 13th green. Thank you very much to Les and Roger.

The course itself seems to be standing up to the treatment it has been receiving from feet, clubs, balls and trolleys - A testament to the hard work from the whole staff with a little help from the very dry weather.

It has been easier to locate balls which find themselves amongst trees with an increased possibility of finding a route out. But it is proving difficult to find balls which are swallowed up by the thick, lush rough and semi-rough which seems to grow despite the lack of rain in recent weeks. As we continue to enjoy our golf in such pleasant surroundings let us try not to fall into a false sense of security and remember to follow the guidance given to society and to golfers at Hainsworth Park.