Pupils welcome social media stars for musical performance

YEAR 7 and 8 Pupils of Holderness Academy were rewarded with a special performance by musical social media stars He Knows She Knows this week.

The urban pop duo, who first hit the music scene in 2016 on the UK version of the X Factor, have since toured the world while posting their adventures on their social media channels.

On Tuesday afternoon, rapper Silvar Laidlow and lead singer Sharna Laidlow performed four well-known chart hits to pupils of the school who enjoyed the socially distanced and masked singalong.

Following the performance, the duo led a Q&A session on mental health and discrimination, highlighting their personal experiences of friendships, body image and worries about everyday life and school.

Mrs Ashbridge, assistant headteacher of Holderness Academy, said: “We felt extremely privileged to be able to provide our students with the opportunity to see a live performance in school.

“He Knows She Knows had such a positive impact on our students during both the performance and the live discussion. It is definitely something that they will be talking about for a long time.”

One Year 7 student said: “I really enjoyed the performance yesterday; they were absolutely amazing! They spoke a lot about mental health and it all really helped. They made some good musical choices, and their voices were just awesome. Thank you.”

A Year 8 student said: “‘It was the most fun I’ve had in years! It was so exciting, and the singing was amazing.”