Mentoring for students, by students

HERE TO HELP: Milli and Joe have set up a mentoring service for students, by students. Photo courtesy of Joe Jackoby

TWO Hornsea Sixth Form students have set up a free mentoring service to support other students in their studies. 

Joe Jackoby and Milli Chaffe have created the service, which they’ve titled Youth Education Support (YES). The year 12 students held their very first session on Monday, January 18 on Google Meet, with a plan to switch to Zoom in the near future.

 Joe said: “We know first-hand how recent events have disrupted students’ education. Between quarantines, lockdowns and in-school regulations, many students have found themselves unable to catch up. Students in year 10 have had a particularly tough time - having just started studying for their GCSEs yet missing much of the first few topics or having lessons online, anyone would struggle to keep up. 

“Meanwhile, we found ourselves stuck in our rooms with too much free time on our hands, so we looked at ways we could use all this time which would otherwise be wasted to do some good in the community, so we created this project! We really know we have the chance to help out a lot of students here - I can’t imagine the stress and pressure underperforming students must be experiencing at the moment, feeling as if there is no help for them. A combination of these factors led to us deciding to start this organisation, which we want to be an easily accessible and flexible service that gives a high quality and personalised experience. We’re excited to see where this project takes us and who we can help!”

Joe told the Gazette why himself and Milli, as two aspiring medicine students, were eager to use their spare time to provide mentoring services: “Even with both me and Milli doing four A-levels (three sciences and maths), we still find ourselves with a lot of free time, particularly given the current circumstances. “Homework and revision don’t take up all of our time, at least not for us at the start of year 12. We both want to go into medicine and figured that this would also be a great way for us to get volunteering experience at a time when it’s difficult to get out there and do anything to improve our application. 

“This isn’t just an opportunity for GCSE students to get quality mentoring, but also for A-level students who are concerned about how sparse their  university applications are going to be, and who want to help people while also adding to their application. It’s a win-win for everyone!” 

Joe expanded on the services offered by himself and Milli: “What we’re providing is essentially the same service as those supplied by paid tutors; one to one sessions, or group sessions if requested, free of charge. We talk to students to figure out what areas they need support with, be it course content, exam practise or revision techniques, then build on that to fill in the blanks in their education. 

“It’s not just one to one mentoring we offer, we accept small groups of students as well, so long as everyone’s ready to learn. This means that if a group of students are all interested, and are maybe too nervous to apply individually, they can book a joint session.” 

YES are not only looking for students, they are also appealing for volunteer mentors to support the programme. 

To get involved, email: [email protected] or send Joe and Milli a message via the @YouthEducationSupport Facebook page.