Shores Pantry opens to help alleviate food poverty

SHORES PANTRY: MP Graham Stuart Shores Centre Pantry with Town Cllr Felicity Walmsley and Shores CEO Jayne Nendick

GRAHAM Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness, dropped in to Withernsea’s Shores Centre last week for a catch-up with Shores Centre’s Jayne Nendick. 

The MP, who described Jayne as ‘an exceptional leader, heard about Shores Pantry which opened this week.’ 

Jayne said: “For many years we have been sending out food parcels but we’ve never seen anything like how busy it’s been during Covid. Over the past few months we’ve been supporting 500 vulnerable people, and have delivered 12,000 meals to those in need. We’re really excited about our latest venture to help alleviate food poverty, Shores Pantry, which opens this week. People need to ring up Shores and register, and for 12 weeks they can come once a week and choose 10 items for £3.50. The idea is to help people learn to start budgeting so they can work towards being independent. I am surrounded by a wonderful team who inspire me every day. I love the work and seeing the people we help growing in confidence and independence.” 

Mr Stuart also heard about the centre’s successful tender to Yorkshire Coast Bid for 10 push bikes with a programme starting this week. 

“Yorkshire Coast Bid supported Shores by buying us 10 bikes to deliver prescriptions and food around the town during Covid. It really has been a tremendous success and now we’re developing a cycle maintenance programme so local people can learn how to repair their own bikes,” explained Jayne. “The training programme starts this week and we’re really pleased to let everyone know that in another couple of weeks we’ll have cycles to hire. This new innovation will be great for locals who want to hire a bike at a very reasonable fee, either to travel to work, or just for leisure. And visitors to our beautiful area can take advantage of them too.”

Mr Stuart said: “I love my visits to Shores. Jayne and her team are the most inspirational of people, driven to help others improve their lives, and support those in need. It was great to hear about the new Shores Pantry, which really does look fantastic, and I’m sure will make a difference to people struggling to budget for food when they’ve got all their other bills to take into account too. As a keen cyclist myself, I was very interested to learn how Jayne drummed up 10 free bikes for volunteers to use as they cycled around town during Covid providing support to anyone who asked for it. 

“It’s brilliant news these bikes are going to be in use in future too, available for rent. As usual, I left Shores feeling uplifted and knowing that Jayne and her team are most wonderful servants of their community.” 

Shores chairman, Lyn Healing, said: “Our MP is a tremendous supporter of everything we are trying to do at Shores and we can always count on his help when we need it. On Friday Jayne and I wanted to let Graham know what we’ve been doing during Covid to support the community and I think he was rightfully impressed with all Shores has done to improve people’s lives during this difficult time.” 

*For information on the schemes call: 01964 615190