Beauty salon owners left frustrated by government changes to reopening

By Andrea Kirk, News Reporter

LOCAL beauty salon owners have been left frustrated and disappointed after the government announced on Friday, July 31 that further industry relaxations planned for August 1 were to be postponed. 

The beauty industry was eagerly planning for the recommencement of treatments to the face which were planned to be permitted from August 1. Along with other planned easing of restrictions these were postponed until at least August 15. 

A new national campaign was launched on Monday, August 3 to help support the struggling industry. 

The Beauty Backed initiative includes a Go Fund Me Fundraiser and Petition to raise both funds and support for the reopening of the beauty industry in its entirety. 

The campaign describes itself as: “Beauty Backed is supported by industry experts and influencers as well as The British Beauty Council and BABTAC is raising money, support and awareness in the form of a petition and fundraising page, for the clinics, aestheticians, make-up artists, and therapists unable to work due to the government’s lack of support and understanding of the power, loyalty and expertise in our industry.” 

Local salon owners have been left feeling the frustration. Tip to Toe Beauty and Aesthetics in Withernsea commented: “It impacted us greatly with a full day’s work on Saturday, August 1 where we had facial treatments and aesthetic treatments booked in. We have had to cancel bookings for the week of the same nature. We are both self employed and not entitled to any furlough which has had a big impact on our day to day living. We really hope we can resume our facial and aesthetics treatments on August 15 depending on Government guidelines.”

Charlotte Gannon who owns Top to Toe Nail & Beauty Parlour in Hornsea commented: “It’s left us feeling so upset and deflated. We spent most of Friday, July 31 contacting customers to cancel their treatments for the week ahead. The appointments for the week ahead were around 70 per cent face treatments mainly eyebrow waxing and tinting, lash extensions and facials. Although we are still doing nail treatments it’s not sufficient work to allow all the staff to now come back from furlough so I have had to arrange their part time furlough between other appointments that are permitted. I feel really sad for our customers who look forward to these facial treatments including facial waxing, tinting and facials. We have put so many extra safety measures in place to help both my staff and customers feel safe. This is as well as the already high hygiene levels the beauty industry already legally have to operate to.” 

 Beauty Backed claim the beauty industry contributes more than £28 billion to the economy annually. 

Explaning why they have started the campaign Beauty Backed state: “Aestheticians, makeup artists, therapists and clinicians have not been able to earn an income for over five months. The continued restrictions impacting those who carry out treatments show that the government does not comprehend or appreciate the value of the beauty industry. 

“Outside of medical environments, if any community can maintain the level of standards required for safety during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s the beauty industry. The health and safety of our clients always has been taken very seriously.”