Every Can Counts at Shores Food Bank

By Steve Denniss, Withernsea Correspondant

APPEAL: Jayne Nendick, CEO of the Shores Centre. Photo by Steve Denniss


‘EVERY CAN Counts’ – that’s the message from the Mayor of Withernsea and the town’s Shores Centre Food Bank as they call on residents to donate items from their shopping to help those in need through the third lockdown. 

Residents are being urged to donate one item of ambient produce into trolleys bound for the Shores Food bank on their essential shop. Trolleys will be in place from Monday, January 25 in Tesco and Aldi for residents to donate items to this cause. The donated items will be used in emergency parcels put together for those who need them. 

The Shores Food bank are trying to stock up on products but Withernsea Mayor Cllr Dave Edwards is making a call to the community to help the food bank with their increased demand. Shores Food bank is seeing an increase day by day of people being referred to their services. Withernsea Mayor Dave Edwards was inspired to ask for help from the public following the closure of the Withernsea Food Club due to the building needing repairs. 

Cllr Dave Edwards, Withernsea Mayor, said:“Unfortunately due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, reports are expecting 700 to 800 people to lose their jobs. With the unfortunate closure of Withernsea Food Club, the demand on Shores Food Bank is inevitably going to increase and without the support of the community it could become a real struggle.” 

Now, Cllr Edwards and Jayne Nendick, Chief Executive Officer of the Shores Centre, are working together on their ‘Every Can Counts’ appeal.

The Shores Food Bank are currently seeing a five times increase of referrals to the food bank than they saw this time last year, with a 20 per cent increase in need day on day. 

To help to keep their stock levels up, the food bank is asking residents to donate, if they can, one item of ambient produce/store cupboard ingredients, when they shop. 

Importantly, Cllr Edwards and Jayne are asking residents to only donate if they can Shores CEO Jayne added: “If residents feel that they can afford to buy an extra tin, and they feel comfortable in doing so that’s great. We don’t not want you to buy extra things if you can’t afford them yourself. We created what equates 12000 meals during the first lockdown with over 600 supported people. Those numbers are just growing and growing. It isn’t just in our community either, its nationwide. Poverty is occurring and challenges are occurring on each and every street. There is not one area that is not encountering challenges.”  Jayne urges anyone experiencing difficulties to approach the food bank, and not be afraid to ask for help. 

Jayne continued: “There is a lot of hidden poverty in the area. We are seeing a significant amount of working poverty. Unfortunately it seems to keep escalating week on week. If you are experiencing poverty or hardship, please call us. We are here to help.” 

Anybody wishing to donate items to Shores Food Bank will be able to do so by placing items in the donation trolleys at Tesco or Aldi from Monday January 25. If any businesses wish to donate or pledge assistance, contact Shores on: 01964 615190.