I recieved a few nice comments following my editorial last week about the role of the Gazette and its long standing in the community. 

We’ll be putting my editorials in their own section on the website, so do look out for those and, if you’re so minded, please share my weekly witterings! 

One thing I didn’t point out last week was the fact that the paper is entirely – proudly – independent, in that it’s not owned by GiantNewsPaperCorps plc and it doesn’t have a website that looks like all the other websites. 

We don’t do clickbait, we just do local news, and we want to do it with compassion and understanding. 

It almost goes without saying, but, again, if you’ve got a community issue you’d like airing, please do contact us and we’ll do our best to investigate it. It was also great to meet Bill Jardine recently, too, and am pleased to report to concerned readers (quite a few contacted us, fearing that he’d packed it in) that he’s back this week after a period of being somewhat under the weather – but I’ll let him tell you all about that; see page 14 for his latest column. 

I met Bill in the Alex, opposite the Gazette offices, on the way back from Heron to see if they had any square sausage. Luckily for my other half, who’s something of a square sausage fan, they did, but as you get 10 frozen ones for a quid I don’t want to speculate too much on what’s in them, frankly. Bill, who hails from Scotland, the home of the square sausage, was interested to hear that it could be obtained in Withernsea, but upbraided me for calling them “sausage squares”. Point taken, though for some reason I’ve always called them that. Square sausage… sausage squares… let’s call the whole thing off! 

Please also keep sending us your photos and pet pics. The reason for introducing the latter was really just for a bit of fun. I just wanted to stress that, while I take this job, and the news we report on, very seriously, I think there’s certainly room for a corner of levity each week. As we approach Christmas, there’s surely an opportunity for a bit of festive-themed animal silliness. Over to you…