Crochet kindness in Hornsea

A HORNSEA mum has brought a smile to the faces of fellow residents by making and leaving small, crochet treasures for people to discover. Over the Christmas period, Kirsty Lamming and her daughter Sammi placed small Christmas motifs around the town. Pictures of these flooded social media, with people grateful to the anonymous bearer of these gifts. Accompanying the motifs were small notes...

Councils working together to combat dog fouling in Patrington

PATRINGTON PARISH Council has been invited to enter into a dog control partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Patrington Parish Council know that dog fouling is of concern to residents and so they have decided to join the partnership. The aim of the partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council is to build close links between their dog wardens...

Thought for the Week

THIS WEEK in the Christian Calendar we usually spend time thinking about unity - unity of faith, unity with people who are in great need, and how we can help and support them. As I look around our town it is a great joy to see that same unity. People putting themselves out to help family, friends and neighbours (known and un-known). This puts me in mind of the story of the Good Samaritan. A man, battered and bruised, was laying at the side of the road having been beaten and robbed...

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