Volunteers create a Hornsea herb garden

PLASTIC Free Hornsea (PFH) has created a herb garden in an unloved area of the town.

As part of the group’s environmental work, PFH, in collaboration with Very Edible Gardens (VEG), have renovated a patch of neglected grass verge on Tranmere Park. The little patch had suffered further due to unavoidable underground excavations to repair the street lighting in the area.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We have jointly provided, as a one-off gift to this locality, a beautiful handmade planter. This has been made by one of our members. It has been filled with edible herbs so that nearby residents, some of whom may be self-isolating or shielded, can just pop out of their doors and snip a few bits for their cooking.”

There is an added benefit of herbs with no plastic packaging. The spokesperson added: “It has been an absolute joy for us to be involved in this unique and thoughtful project.” The planter and verge are maintained by a small number of PFH volunteers who live in the area.