Make a fresh start with HUG

JANUARY is always the time of year when we decide to make changes that are rarely ever stuck out.

From our busy lives, being short of money or experiencing cold days and unfavourable weather, these are some of the things that stop our new-found new year motivation in its tracks. We are incredibly harsh on ourselves and that’s often why we aim too high.

However, getting an allotment is one way of changing our lives for the better. Owning an allotment is not just about growing vegetables – that bit is the bonus… it’s a space to use in so many ways:
• A place to focus and think
• A place to see a sunrise or subset
• A place to share with a pal over a brew
• A place to teach and learn
• A place to do a bit of exercise
• A place to empty your mind
• A place to put things into perspective
• A place to take time out of a busy day

The list is endless. Basically, an allotment is what you make it. For many people, the idea of starting an allotment from scratch can be a bit daunting since it includes lots of hard labour including lots of digging and weed clearing. Sheds and greenhouses can also be expensive, and equipment is another added cost if you don’t already have plenty of gardening tools.

There is a fair bit to consider and that is why many give up… they don’t realise just how much time, effort and expense go into to creating an allotment from scratch before you can consider putting veg and fruit into the ground.

With these limitations in mind, Hornsea Urban Gardeners are currently seeking volunteers to help in our allotment, which continues to serve the community in a range of projects and events. The HUG allotment in Hull Road, Hornsea, is an established plot, well equipped and has funding. We grow a wide variety of fruit and veg as well as plants and flowers. We also grow pumpkins for the Hornsea annual pumpkin trail. Volunteers grow for themselves, but all we ask is that the surplus is given to residents through the Hornsea Pantry.

So… why not share or join a community group? It makes sense if you’re looking to eat healthily, be healthier and make friends.

If you think this is for you, please contact me, June Greensmith, on 07713 476608 and let’s get growing together.

In the meantime, you can see the work HUG has done via its Facebook group.