Steve’s in the pink for Hornsea Rescue!

ON CALL: Hornsea Inshore Rescue volunteer Dr Steve Hall goes pink for the lifesaving charity

HE’S IN the pink! Dr Steve Hall from Hornsea Inshore Rescue (HIR) has joined our Gazette guest storyteller Alison Riley and dyed his hair pink to raise funds for HIR. 

Steve, who is a university lecturer, explained: “I thought it would be helpful to share Alison’s funding link and I when I did I joked with the crew that I needed something to cover the greys. Well, as soon as I said that they said ‘Okay we will give you 100 quid,’ and I said you’re on then! I made the JustGiving page and sent it to everyone I knew and the crew shared to their friends and all of a sudden it got bigger and it started to be obvious that I was going to have to do it. One of our crew Faye Melody brought me the right kit and told me how to bleach it first, my wife Joanna did it for me and the kids sat up and watched.” 

His students said they would sponsor him and more funds came via twitter. 

”I ended up with somewhere like £1,300 altogether with cash donations and the JustGiving link and it’s been fantastic but now I feel like I need to keep it for as long as it takes for the bleached colour underneath to grow out. So the pink hair will be a feature of Hornsea lifeboat for a while yet! The pink hair has been on a couple of callouts already, one in the early morning. If you would have told me when I joined lifeboat that I would have been doing rescues in pink hair and pyjamas I might have questioned what type of organisation this was! I have had a really good response from people in the town and online. It’s been good fun! There is still time to donate. We are even more busy than we were last year so far and summer holidays havent started so we need every penny.” 

The link to donate is: