Residents thanked for St Augustine Pantry donation

THANK YOU: Rev Pulko (left) and volunteers at The St. Augustine’s Pantry. Photo by Ray Duffill

REVEREND Sue Pulko has praised those who regularly donate to St. Augustine’s Pantry in Hedon. “The Pantry is still open every Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm at the church,” she told the Gazette. “Up to 15 store cupboard items are available every week, plus cleaning products, chilled food and fresh fruit and vegetables, as available. We would like to offer the thanks of all of us here at the Pantry for the kind donations of these items. We wouldn’t be here without our donors!” 

The Tressell Trust has carried out research (November 2019) into increasing foodbank usage in the UK. 

They found that the key drivers of food banks’ use were widespread problems with the benefits system accounting for two-thirds of people who have needed emergency food. Ill health and challenging life experiences like eviction or divorce are also pushing many people into hunger and poverty. Many users of foodbanks either don’t have or have exhausted formal, family or other informal support options.