The sun sets early on the season

Easington United AFC

SETTING SUN AT LOW FARM: The 2019/20 football season at grassroots level declared null and void
IT MAY not have come as a surprise to many people, however, the decision made last week to render the 2019/20 football season null and void at grassroots level still hit all those involved very hard. A statement was issued by the Football Association last Thursday and relayed to local clubs via the East Riding County FA and the local leagues. It confirmed the rumours that had been circulating for some days, in fact ever since the current coronavirus pandemic effectively brought normality to a halt. Although totally understandable it didn’t make the decision any less frustrating, especially for clubs like Easington United that still had plenty to play for. The Eastenders will now never know whether they could have forced their way into the Humber Premier League Division One promotion race or pressed on to enjoy success in the Yorkshire Old Boys Shield. Meanwhile, the Reserves were also looking forward to a season that still had plenty of mileage in it, including a very winnable league cup quarter-final. Even the Vets had renewed encouragement given a much-needed win

last time out. The task now is to ensure the club comes back stronger when the time for normality returns. To this end, plenty of work is already going on behind the scenes in order to make sure the club hits the ground when the 2020/21 season commences. In the meantime, the Committee would like to thank the various team managers and players for their efforts over the past eight months. Our appreciation also goes to our supporters and sponsors, without whom the club would struggle to function as well as it does. Thanks also to our post-match hosts at The White Horse and The Marquis of Granby who will no doubt also be left frustrated by the curtailment of activities. As always, any decisions made with regards to the club’s plans going forward will be relayed to all management, players and supporters via our website and social media pages. Finally, congratulations go to First Team manager Danny Blount and Kerry on the safe arrival of daughter Darcy late last week. It gave us all one reason to smile last week!