Thought for the Week

With Sister Denise Creed - Deacon for the Methodist Churches in Withernsea, Elstronwick, Patrington and Keyingham.

I HAVE loads of jobs waiting to be done that I have been putting off for ages, saying: “I just don’t have the time to do them.” Well, I have the time now and I have found out that I really do not want to do these jobs at all and my excuse about not having the time is no longer valid! Like some of you, I now find I have time on my hands, not by choice, but by necessity. I can either moan about it or I can see it as a gift! Time is precious, once gone it cannot be recalled, or reused, and what I do with my time is still my choice. I give thanks that I live in an age when I can talk to family and friends by phone and by Skype. I may be isolated because we have been asked to do this to try and curb  the spread  
 of the virus, but I have television and a radio. It means I am still connected to outside the home and I still know what is going on in the world. It does feel odd as I’m used to being among people and my normal routines have all stopped. Life feels very different. For some though, life is very busy, so thank you to those in the shops keeping us in food and supplies. Thank you to the chemists and NHS staff working all hours in difficult situations. Thank you for our emergency services for being there when needed. Thank you for those who use your time to pick up the phone to check that someone they know is okay or just for a chat – that is a very good use of time!