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Withernsea Garage plans supported by town council

    By Nicki Jakeman  

WITHERNSEA Town Council voted to support two planning applications for the Withernsea petrol station at a meeting on Monday, November 25.

The first planning application discussed is for the redevelopment of the existing petrol station to provide a 24-hour unmanned station with associated works to include replacement forefront canopy, installation of underground fuel tank and works to forecourt including drainage and underground pipe work at Withernsea Garage and Fuels on Hollym Road.

Councillor Brian Cloke said at the meeting: “I fully support this application. There is a great amount of detail in the plan submitted, very thorough, my only slight concern is the hazardous waste when they change the underground tanks but I think if they’ve covered that I fully support this application. We need that garage to be there.”

The second application discussed and supported by the town councillors is for the display of three illuminated fascia signs to the new forecourt canopy and an illuminated totem sign.

The final decision on the planning applications will be made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The plans were submitted to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council by site owners Dean Dugdale Ltd, which is run by Sam Harris and Tom Naylor.

The petrol station closed in May and Dean Dugdale Ltd bought the site in the summer.

Originally it was hoped for the work to refurbish the petrol station on Queen Street would begin in September and that the new look petrol station would re-opened in October or November, without the shop.

Mr Harris, who is based in London, told the Gazette the reason for the delay and the filing of the planning application was because the works needed to be carried out are more extensive than first thought.

Mr Harris said: “We were hoping to use the existing tank farms and canopy but sadly they were not up to scratch and we are essentially fitting out a brand-new petrol station with top of the range technology, brand new tanks and pumps.

Tenders for the work are going out by the end of the week. If we obtain planning we hope to start work in January and to be open for business in April.”

The owners have visited the site on a number of occasions and work has been carried out in the background such as architectural drawings, the planning application itself, discussions with various officers and identifying suitable contractors.

Mr Harris added: “The local population is very keen to have the petrol station. They keep asking when is it going to open. The feedback has been 100 per cent positive. We can’t wait for planning permission to be approved, building work to start and for this petrol station to open. The building spec of this petrol station will be amongst the most advanced in the country and the community will benefit with cost effective, local fuel.”

Once open, the station will be employing a number of locals to ensure that the garage is maintained properly and to attend any emergency quickly. The site will be monitored by extensive CCTV 24 hours a day.

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