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Wrecked Withernsea

flats prompt action

    By Nicola Watson  

TRASHED flats filled with fly-tipped rubbish, graffiti and smashed windows on a Withernsea estate have prompted a local councillor to take action. East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Lyn Healing, who is also the town’s deputy mayor urged residents to report damage to the Police and East Riding of Yorkshire Council. She was alerted to the problem after a video of the damage in a block of flats on Cherry Tree Avenue was posted on social media. Only one flat there remains occupied, the others are empty.

The area surrounding the Council owned flats has been subject to fly tipping for a number of years, and now the issue appears to have moved to the interior.

Videos taken by concerned residents were posted to the Withernsea Rant Page on Facebook showing rubbish and debris strewn across the communal hall, smashed windows and broken doors. Five of the flats contain fly-tipped rubbish, debris, broken windows, and obscenities have been scrawled on the walls. The videos show wiring has been ripped out, bathroom suites smashed and kitchen units wrecked.

Councillor Healing who represents the South East Holderness ward was alerted last Friday and reported it to the emergency line at the East Riding Council on Saturday, May 26.

She told the Gazette it was hoped to have the debris within the flats cleared on Wednesday, June 6 and to secure the property with metal shutters by the end of tomorrow, Friday, June 8.

“I reported this issue to the East Riding Council’s housing team last week and found not one single resident had phoned in to report this. Five flats are totally trashed. One resident remains in the block and is reluctant to move but housing is speaking to them. The windows will be boarded up and eventually the block will be coming down, as will the community centre. I ask that if people see or hear anything, report it. I’ve been in there; people must’ve heard or seen something when this was going on. It’s not the council’s fault, it’s the fault of the people who are doing the damage. The block is now being used as a dumping ground and it is not from the previous tenants.”

Community beat manager PC Matthew Ainley, said: “We are working with our partners to look at the long-term future of the flats and to create a better environment in the area for those who live there.”

An East Riding Council spokesperson said arrangements are being made to remove the fly-tipped waste immediately. She said the council is aware of, and taken regular action to address on-going problems of vandalism and criminal damage to the Cherry Tree Avenue flats.

“Following the changes to the bedroom tax, the demand for twobedroom properties has declined and this has resulted in the larger flats being more difficult to let and to longer periods when they have been vacant. The council will once again be boarding up and securing the flats so they cannot be accessed, but in the past vandals have gained access despite this.
“The issue of vandalism has been reported to the police and we would request any resident witnessing criminal damage reports this to their local police
station whilst any incidents of flytipping are reported to the council.”

To report any concerns call East Riding Council on: 01482 393939 and ask for the Withernsea housing team or call Cllr Healing on: 07724 901527.

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