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‘Mindless vandalism is totally unacceptable’

say Humberside Police

    By Nicola Watson  

HUMBERSIDE Police are appealing to vandals to stop targeting community areas after teenagers started fires at the play park area on Plumtree Lane, Thorngumbald.

Several fires were started on the playing field on Saturday, July 13.

The fires were put out before they spread and any damage was caused, thanks to the quick actions of a member of the public who ordered the three boys involved to put the fires out.

Mid-Holderness PCSO Darren Bainton told the Gazette arson of this type has seen an increase over the last seven months with 15 reports across the four ward areas of Holderness. In April, the Gazette reported on an arson attack on the Preston Playing field in Addison Road, which severely damaged the outside equipment.

Commenting on this latest incident at Thorngumbald, PCSO Bainton said: “The three teenagers involved haven’t been identified by the witness at this time. This could have been far worse. There was no requirement for Humberside Fire and Rescue to attend due to the prompt action from a resident.”

Now, the Police are issuing a direct appeal to parents, carers and youngsters.

PCSO Bainton added: “A huge deterrent of this type of crime is for parents and carers to know where their child is, what they are up to and to question if they return home smelling of smoke or have fire damage to clothing or shoes.

“This type of mindless vandalism is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Those responsible should be thoroughly ashamed of their actions because children in the local area could have been deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the playing field and their countryside.

“It’s not acceptable either that public money should be used to fund repairs due to the irresponsible actions of a minority who do not respect these facilities.

“Whilst I ask that anyone with knowledge of this attack contact the police, I would also appeal for those involved to cease targeting these muchvalued community facilities.”

Concerned residents are urged to regularly check their public parks and report any suspicious activity or any acts of anti-social behaviour to the Police.

Humberside Police works closely with its partnership agencies like Humber Fire and Rescue to offer a referral programme on the dangers of fire as a preventative measure.

PCSO Bainton confirmed the incident at Preston Playpark is still under investigation. A 14-year-old boy has been interviewed and enquiries are continuing.

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