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Town Mayor calls the Crown
Prosecution Service to account

    By Nicola Watson  
    A CALL has been made to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to back the local police force in Withernsea so that cases are not dropped, despite evidence collected by local bobbies. A letter asking for more support from the CPS and inviting its representatives to the next public meeting with the police was signed by Mayor Terry Dagnall and East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Lyn Healing at the meeting. The pair who had written it, then handed it to Inspector Philip Hinch of the South East Holderness policing team at last Friday’s public meeting to discuss local policing matters. They requested he pass it to the CPS on the town’s behalf. In the letter, Mayor Dagnall said: “Here, in Withernsea, our local police force do a great job whilst having to do more and more with less and less funds. We find the CPS is making it even harder for the police to do their job, our local villains know they can bend the law to suit themselves.” The letter goes on to detail two cases, in one of which it is claimed that the CPS dropped a case despite evidence collected by the local police force. The second detailed the sentence passed to an individual who, after being caught and pleading guilty to criminal damage, was discharged conditionally for 12 months and ordered to pay £100 compensation. The letter continues: “Where is the deterrent in these kinds of judgements? “The criminals are just laughing at this kind of law. I therefore ask the CPS to stop making the job of the police force harder and understand that, with what is going on in our streets we need positive outcomes to let the criminals know they will not get away with their crimes. I also invite a leading member of the CPS to come and talk to Withernsea Town Council and the people of Withernsea to explain their actions and also understand the feelings of Withernsea residents.” Mayor Terry Dagnall said: “The police are not able to do their jobs properly when they spend 18 months on a case for it to be dropped. It is a lot of work lost. When residents find out that this is happening it upsets them and it’s like that all the way down the line. As in the letter we have invited them to join us at the next police meeting which will be held in approximately six months time. Also next time I want to invite our local MP Graham Stuart. Questions can then be better delivered to different departments. Cllr Lyn Healing said: “Hopefully at the next meeting someone from the CPS can attend to explain the processes they take to us. After the police have worked 18 months on a case and then it is dropped by the CPS it is a waste of police time. The police do say the CPS is in a difficult situation, the courts are full, and the prisons are full. Something drastically needs to be done.” The Gazette approached the CPS for a comment but it was unable to respond in time to meet the Gazette’s deadline as it went to press.  
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