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Too close to call but

Olympic come up short

    IT WAS AN unfortunate evening for the Olympic B snooker team last week, the side going down to an 8-6 defeat at the hands of Perth Street from Hull.
The team arrived to find that Perth Street had moved venues; luckily, to the team’s liking, it was just around the corner.
Woolly Bully and The Heff were the first pair onto the green baize and Woolly maintained his excellent recent run of form. Constantly on top of his opponent throughout the frame, he did not put together any sizable breaks but he was scoring plenty of points and ran out an emphatic winner by 126-64.
On the other table Heff was struggling to get to grips with the table and was slipping behind as the frame progressed. He managed to claw back some of the deficit and was able to get the score back but he was to lose out in the end by 14 points.
At 1-1, Brizza and The Lion King were next. A bit like Heff, Brizza was struggling to really get into his frame and was also finding the table not to his liking. He kept his opponent at bay for the majority of the match but unfortunately, he fell behind in the latter stages and went on to lose the frame.
Meanwhile, on the adjacent table Lion King was tearing his way through the pack. He played some excellent safety shots and was able to put together a couple of telling breaks that saw him stride to victory in frame four, making it two wins each.
Into the last two frames with the match hanging in the balance, the Mighty Jake made his debut for the team and in the opening part of the frame, nerves seemed to get the better of him. However, he eventually got going and was able to force his way into the driving seat.
Then, following a heated discussion on a foul made by his opponent, he went on to lose the frame after his rival first fluked the pink before potting an easy black into the bottom corner to put Perth Street ahead.
Hulk was last on as he attempted to secure a share of the spoils. Having to win by five, he was certainly playing it cautiously in the opening stages and was not being tempted by a number of challenging shots.
After knocking in the pink from all of 10 feet, he then missed the black, as did his opponent. Hulk was then left with a shot to nothing and having left the white safe, he potted the black off two cushions,
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