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Olympic boys run out

emphatic winners

THIS WEEK the Olympic snooker team fought a great W Gemmel side (They have too many teams!).
Up First was the Woolly Bully and Crazy Eyes. Looking to improve on last week’s performance, both teams fought brilliantly. Bully was up first. Giving away a 56-point start, he needed to score those points. However, this week he aired on the side of caution and rather than blasting everything in he played snooker.
All jokes aside, he scored well and heavily. His opponent potted just a handful of balls in the whole match as the Bully bullied his way to victory; 109-62.
Crazy Eyes was next, Brad playing off practically levels, plays fantastically well, outscoring his opponent in every way. There’s nothing he couldn’t pot, apart from the odd foul here and there and one of his secret weapons, Brad secured his lead early on. Having secured the frame before the colours, Brad brought it home, winning 106-64.
Next was The Heff and The Boss. Heff took to table one but didn’t look to be quite on form this week, as his opponent started off strongly. Martin came back to within 10 points just shy of the colours and everyone thought he was making a great comeback. His opponent, however, fell a little lucky, taking the colours to win by a hefty 51-83.
Now 2-1 down, the team knew they needed a strong result this week. The Boss kick-started his playing again after recently having a child; how he had the energy we do not know, but he dug in and potted balls from everywhere, being a couple in front going into the colours. He kept his opponent at bay, scored very well, winning by a great score of 81-54.
The next two were Baller and Hulk, to bring the evening to a close. Baller was at the table first and he was on fine form this week. He had been putting the practice in and he just couldn’t stop scoring. Tom was not giving his opponent any chances as he cleared up to win by 43 points, taking the frame 92-49.
Hulk next saw a long wait. Agreeing to wait until 10pm (40 minutes) as his opponent arrived at 9.57. Hulk was about to pack up and just take the points. Starting extremely late meant that there was a long gruelling match laying ahead, it was close, nothing fancy in this match. Shaun’s challenger potted most balls and didn’t hold back. Playing off a similar mark, Hulk knew he had to up his game, and he did just that as he clawed back his 28-point deficit to eventually win on a black ball game one hour later, taking the spoils 56-49.
Olympic won 12-2 this week, and next week face league third place The Grandale, as Olympic fight to finish in the play-offs.
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